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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 2, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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[applause] >> yvonne fountain, a fantastic event that received 0 coverage. we were covered on fox nation and excerpts of the jared kushner interview we couldn't run tonight on fox nation, to subscribe to the podcast go to podcast one, take it all from here. daymac you can't get everything on the air. check it out. we begin with a fox news alert, a second woman accusing joe biden of inappropriate physical contact following allegations by politician claiming his touching left her confused, shocked, and embarrassed. joe biden saying he never intended to make anyone uncomfortable, but a different standard than democrats used in the past. what does the party do now and
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will the claims keep coming out for the 2020 race? several democrats preparing to face himself so critical voting block. they must re-energize to beat donald trump. the outreach to african-american voters by the current contenders ring true? house democrats say it is subpoena time claiming the attorney general can't be trusted and it is time to release every bit of the mueller report. one of the lousy voices is the same person who insisted the starr report not be released because it would be unfair to president bill clinton. kenneth starr himself joins us. welcome to fox news at night. let's get to correspondent trace gallagher on the case of the latest allegation and defense of joe biden. >> the second woman who accused joe biden for inappropriately touching said it happened in
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2009 during a political fundraiser when biden was vice president, quote, he put his hand around my neck and pulled me into rub noses with me. i thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth. he says it wasn't sexual but left her feeling uneasy, gross, and confused. this after former nevada assemblywoman christie florez publishing an op-ed in new york magazine alleging biden touched and kissed her without consent. >> i don't believe it was a bad intention. i'm not suggesting i felt sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. i felt invaded. i felt there was a violation of my personal space. >> he believes it should disqualify biden for being a presidential candidate. after florez's allegation responded with a statement saying he never once believed he was acting inappropriately but i will listen respectfully but it
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was never my intention. biden's spokesperson pushed back harder, the allegations a cottage industry of lies. former vp is getting other support, stephanie carter says the photo showing biden with his hands on her shoulders is misleading. carter acknowledges biden's accuser has every right to be believed but her story is not mine, the joe biden in my pictures a close friend, for which i will always be grateful. the 2020 democratic presidential contenders were also quick to weigh in. >> it is disconcerting and women have to be heard and we should start by believing them. >> we believe we see florez and joe biden needs to give an answer. >> i'm not sure one incident
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disqualifies anybody. >> so far none of the 2020 democrats and nancy pelosi are saying his actions are disqualifying, even his biggest supporters, dianne feinstein, says the controversy is overblown saying biden is, quote, a warm, tactile person, it is hardly sexy. she says he's been doing it for 25 years and no one has ever been upset. will biden's big time donors feel the same way? >> thank you very much. one of two women accusing virginia's democratic lieutenant governor of sexual assault is speaking out graphically describing her alleged attack to cbs news. >> i didn't know what was going on and the next thing i knew my head is literally in his crotch and i'm choking and gagging and couldn't say anything because
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i'm choking and gagging and so it continues and he's holding my head so i can't lift, i'm trying to lift my head but i can't. >> justin fairfax maintains his innocence a second accuser as well. fairfax is both encounters were consensual and he has past polygraph tests. how do democrats handle the claims against a longtime party veteran and the other, rising star? former press secretary to the policy and communications committee and fox news contributor katie pavlik, welcome to you both. back to the biden case. a lot has been made about the fact that i don't remember things this way, we must listen to these women, it is valid to hear them out but it was never my intention to cause anyone to be uncomfortable, the washington post says when the me too movement got off the ground the party seemed to adopt an
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approach that said accusers should be believed. what was important without the women involved, rochelle? >> as a sexual assault survivor i can tell you i do not like to see politicized sexual assault and we need to be sure we are not doing that. this is not a partisan issue. this is a bipartisan issue we should be addressing on both sides and a bigger conversation as to why are men so ignorant to how their behavior or how they approach women makes them feel uncomfortable. we have to start to expand the conversation and educate men on how they behave. you can't just say that is how i am, just being that way is not okay, you have to look in the mirror and see if everyone is saying this maybe i am the problem and i need to assess my behavior and my action.
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>> lucy florez said the vice president smelled her hair, made her feel uncomfortable, that in itself is inappropriate. this is just the kind of guy he is, he has always been this way. >> that is what he is like and it would be unfortunate if we got rid of everybody who is an affectionate kind of person, those are nice people too. >> where are democrats going to have to find this line you can't cross? >> the weaponization of sexual assault or in this case sexual misconduct or inappropriate touching is a problem because it muddies the water when it comes
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to justice for actual victims. democrats put themselves in this situation. for decades they defended bill clinton against a number of sexual assault claims, dragged women's reputation, to accuse him of those crimes, through the mud and destroyed their lives. they've been defending this kind of behavior at a very high level for years and now they have the me too movement they are grappling with the idea that there is an hour spectrum of inappropriate behavior and it seems like for the left consequences for misconduct and inappropriate touching or behavior depends whether you are democrat or a republican. there's a lot more evidence against joe biden acting inappropriately with women in there is or was against brett kavanaugh yet they did everything they could to destroy his life, his family's life with nothing to show for it. they need to rethink this talking point that he's just that way and i'm not willing to and let all men because joe biden has a problem with not touching people inappropriately. >> very outspoken sharing her
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own sexual assault story, this is what she tweets about the latest accusation against the vice president, i respect the decision to share her story and agree with biden we all must pay attention to it but just as we must believe women that decide to come forward we cannot assume all women's experiences are the same. in september this is what she said about christine blasé ford, i'm proud to support doctor christine ford's brave decision to tell her story. those who seek painful truth must be supported in every way. 15 seconds reaction from both of you, the contrast. >> you can see the hypocrisy even though i am an independent and i think that while it is important to listen to women, important to hear their allegations but at the same time
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there have been stories of women that lied about sexual assault. in new york there was a girl just sentenced to a year in jail for lying about two african-american college athletes raping her and she made up the entire thing. if we are going to talk about believing victims we also have to give the acute their day in court as well. >> we all agreed to process is one of the bedrock foundations of this country and something we all deserve. >> i agree with everything rochelle said we should be taking women seriously but we should not be stripping men of their due process rights just because women make allegations and i was hollywood would take that message because alyssa milano's a lot of things about brett kavanaugh that were not true. >> stick around, good to have you back for another hot topic. donald trump talking about immigration threatening to shut down the southern border and prepping for a visit at the end of the week to calexico and breaking news from the homeland security secretary. kristin fisher here with all the latest developments.
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>> kirstjen and is cutting short a trip to europe so she can get back to the border. at the age of first official tells us she wants to personally oversee the reallocation of 750 officers to border patrol duties and perhaps prepare for what the president may do next. donald trump is continuing his threat to close the southern border as early as this week unless something dramatic happens in this time is top advisers say he might actually do it. >> it isn't a bluff. >> the official numbers won't be out until this week that u.s. customs and border protection has said it was on track for more than 100,000 border apprehensions in march, the highest monthly total in over a decade. even the homeland security secretary under president obama is calling it a crisis. >> 4000 apprehensions on the southern border in one day, 100,000 in a month is a crisis. >> codecs of the idea say shutting the southern border
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would wreck the us economy into little to stem the tide of migrants, the white house argues it is all about manpower. >> we need the people from the port of entry to go out to the desert where we don't have any wall. we hate to say we told you so but we told you so. >> the trump administration has announced plans to end hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. the three countries that are the primary source of these migrants, guatemala, honduras and el salvador the governor of california has a different idea. >> let's go to el salvador and let's understand what is happening and let's see if we can help. >> it will be governor gavin newsom's first foreign trip since taking office and he's going to directly challenge donald trump's policies abroad. >> can change the conversation on immigration and move away, not getting much done. california needs to assert its
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leadership as it relates to that lack of leadership from washington dc. >> if donald trump does decide to close the border the implications will be felt almost immediately especially at the grocery store. it is estimated the us would run out of avocado in just three weeks. i don't know about you but that is a crisis. >> don't mess with my guacamole. folks are lamenting about that. we will see what the president does. he sounds pretty serious. thank you. the abca6 case turns friends into enemies. political allies take a different side to the case and protests in chicago. >> rochelle and katie are back by lawrence jones next.
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>> shannon: duelling rallies today in chicago on a surprise shannon: dueling rallies in chicago with a surprise decision to drop 15 charges against jussie smollett. how that decision is not only dividing the public but also political leaders. >> palpable anger in chicago outside the office of state attorney kim fox. members of the chicago police department want her fired for her handling of the jussie smollett case, she dropped all charges after police of the grand jury found he faced his own attack. >> our message is we would like him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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we don't want our officers to have charges dropped. >> reporter: counter protesters led by jesse jackson are backing fox. >> glass out of the wound. >> reporter: smallish was a no-show at the naacp image awards where he was nominated but lost. 's name still top of mind. >> what was he thinking? >> the charges were dropped, we will probably never know all of the details. weaver a lot of information. no one was hurt physically. >> the city of chicago with mayor rob emanuel at the helm once $130,000 restitution from jussie smollett. >> this is the whitewash of justice. >> an interview with the chicago tribune el sharpton blasted
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romney manual, quote, the reason this is of national significance to me, there is a marked difference between how they reacted to this and how they reacted to the laquan mcdonald case, they were not outraged when the video was withheld until after the mayor's election, quote,. sharpton pointed out hypocrisy surrounding the mayor, the mayo runoff to replace the manual will take place tomorrow. on wednesday out sharpton will lead the national action network's convention. the majority of the 2020 candidates attending, that has eyebrows raised from some republicans who are upset that democrats boycotted the aipac convention. >> aipac is bipartisan, not partisan. it doesn't prefer one party or the other. they won't even show up. >> the national action network has brought out some big names on the democratic side in the past including former president barack obama. some of those candidates attending this week abeyta o'rourke, cory booker, amy klobuchar, kirsten gillibrand and julian castro. >> with issues about race and privilege heating up, most 2020
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contenders heading to out sharpton's national action convention, let's bring in former press secretary rochelle ritchie. fox news contributors katie pavlik and lawrence jones, welcome all. joining us now on the power panel i want to read something from news one talking about what pitches they will make this week, they say political analysts winning the black vote is essential to a primary victory and beating donald trump. in 2000 seen black turnout fell with large african american populations like milwaukee, detroit, philadelphia, state hillary clinton lost. this gathering this week, a whole plate of candidates. how do they make their appeal this weekend do they all come off as genuine to you? >> this will be difficult because you have kamala harris but a lot of people don't like
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her stance on criminal justice. if democrats sue to lose right now donald trump were to separate himself from typical republican, he could get the vote as well but you will see a lot of democrats with identity politics when they should be having an economic agenda talking about healthcare, education reform, that is how you will get the black vote. >> we've heard the president again and again in his speech constantly hammer the the unemployment rate for african-americans is at historic lows, never been lower. do you think that message, the economic message is penetrating through in a significant enough way for him to change voting patterns? >> polling shows he's making some difference when it comes to reaching african-american voters and it won't just beyond the
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economy but things like out-of-control justice reform, the white house has a big event today you were reporting on earlier in the show discussing and talking with and letting people who have benefited from the criminal justice reform speak about their own experiences and stories and how they've been given their life back as a result of donald trump's decision to take this issue on and sign it into law. hard for any democrat even if they go to out sharpton's event to make an argument against this president. >> do you think this time around the 2020 general election african-american turnout will change? last time donald trump versus hillary clinton, do you think it is about who ends winning the primary on the democratic side? >> i think black voters feel they are excluded from the conversation being had between both parties. i don't think anyone is talking to black voters. when you talk about climate change i understand that but they are not talking about it
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and the weight impact black communities with lead poisoning is what happened in flint, michigan. when you talk about the economy you have to understand we are still drowning when it comes to the economy, still behind when it comes to wages. i am not sure what the message is right now to african-american voters. are we completely honest with you, when i see these discussions happening where people were not holding jussie smollett accountable for his lies that is frustrating for me as a black voter because at some point i understand we want to protect our own and we want to defend people but sometimes you have to keep it real and that's not what they are doing right now. >> charles blowtorches unheated issues about race in this country, the jussie smollett case, asks who should be embarrassed? he says conservatives need the jussie smollett story to have legs, if the racists were
12:25 am
imaginary they can argue the racists we all see our imaginary, they can paint our condemnation of the white supremacy we see researching all around us as near talisman manipulation which is the accusation against jussie smollett. he goes on to say if you are more worried about jussie smollett faking this crime than you are about the president stoking white supremacy from the white house you are missing the point of the case. >> the case was fraudulent and the depleted resources that could have gone to finding the missing girls in chicago, that could have found these unsolved murders that happened in chicago and i will say this. although the jussie smollett case was this national tragedy because it highlighted the corruption that happens in chicago i still don't think enough eyes are on chicago. it's not just jussie smollett, it is the da's office, the police office, the mayor's office, local businesses. that is a city in corruption and
12:26 am
no one will do anything about it so just the jussie smollett case, they will see a lot of nonsense in chicago. >> i would think that would be an investigation. i would think jussie smollett is lying but at the same time the state attorney in baltimore city and any time they drop a case it is because something happened, there is something that happened. shannon: people have questions about what did happen. something happened the tainted this case and it probably happened on the state attorney upside. it probably happened, let's not forget. i'm not saying it is acceptable. i'm just saying it happened across the country. >> it happens a lot in chicago.
12:27 am
>> the doj has gone into a number of cases and police department including chicago and others in recent years to get to the bottom of some of this but sounds like another federal investigation into the state attorney's office potentially about why this got dropped. >> the hospital workers were fired. >> it says a lot about the justice system in chicago on multiple levels. >> everybody agrees they have questions so we believe it there and see what the feds find out if they investigate. this is a fox news alert, new campaign fundraising disclosures from 2020 democrats. kamala harris is her campaign has raisere under $100 each. the disclosure coming within hours of mayor pete butigieg. and struggling in early fundraising.
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>> shannon: house democrats are shannon: house democrats investigating an accusation by white house whistleblower that the trump administration overruled 25 security clearance denials. what are the facts? katherine herridge fills us in. >> reporter: according to the letter the democratic chairman of the house oversight committee is threatened to issue subpoenas the white house fails to make records and witnesses available after whistleblower said the menstruation overruled 2 dozen security clearance denials. congressman cummings also released a memo documenting the complaints that according to the whistleblower the individuals had a wide range of serious disqualifying issues from foreign influence, conflicts of interest to financial problems and criminal conduct. the president's son in law and
12:33 am
advisor responded on the in graham angle. >> totally vindicated on all these things. it has been a complicated time. everyone makes accusations. >> reporter: democrats want records of former administration officials including john bolton, michael flynn, jared kushner, ivanka trump, ron porter among others. the whistleblower alleges the white house allowed a high number of interim clearances saying, quote, i would not be doing a service to myself, my country or my children if i sat back knowing the issues i have could impact national security. when the story broke last month a senior house democrat alleged a pattern. >> i think it was abuse of power, the president has a right to do a lot of things but abuses power in doing that. >> reporter: republican say the democrats play games interviewing a witness early saturday morning providing republicans with no opportunity to prepare. the committee and drinking republicans of the whistleblower
12:34 am
had a hard time naming names, and one alleged clearance violation included a janitor at an office space and supply agency. >> the other fishing expeditions. the president has absolute authority to grant clearance to who he thinks will give them the best advice in the best interest of the united states. >> during the obama administration critics questioned whether senior is to hillary clinton should have been granted clearances. in addition the clearance investigation backlog is a long-standing issue of concern for both parties. >> thank you very much. house democrats on the judiciary committee ramping up their fight with the justice department reportedly readying subpoenas tonight for robert mueller's full report and underlying documents. years ago the committee's chairman jerry nadler forcefully opposed the release of can start's full report to former president bill clinton is a, quote, matter of decency and
12:35 am
protecting people's rights including innocent third parties. let's turn to harry litman and fox news contributor and for independent counsel himself kenneth starr. welcome to you both. i want to read a little more from chairman nadler in 1998-99 who said this about the starr report. it represent statement which may or may not be true by various witnesses and called it salacious material, all kinds of material, that it would be unfair to release. he said by its nature a 1-sided report. the law has changed since then. how much of this gets released is up to congress, right? >> it certainly was at the time congress's prerogative under the independent counsel law to determine what to do with the report. i had to turn over the report directly to congress, not to the attorney general, not to the
12:36 am
3-judge panel, not to the white house. what chairman nadler was crying for then was a process and the regulations bob mueller operated under and bill barth is bound by contemplate exactly the kind of process that chairman nadler was urging them. he was urging care and circumspection and that is what bill bar, the attorney general who is bound by these regulations, he is going through a process determining whether there is grand jury secrecy information. if there is there is a huge issue about reduction, going to court, determining whether the court will release that information and national security information. the regulations do not contemplate bill bar receiving a
12:37 am
report from special counsel mueller and simply sending it on. bill bartsch care because he's bound by these regulations, regulations have the force of law and it is critically important, bill bar following the law and he will continue to do that. while he has also said he wants as much transparency as possible people should not be rushing to judgment. >> congressman doug collins, his counterpart, ranking member on house judiciary said judiciary democrats escalated from sending arbitrary deadlines to demanding unredacted material, congress does not in truth require and the law does not allow to be shared outside the justice department. >> it is mistaken the law does not allow it to be shared outside the justice department but it may permit the justice department to assert certain
12:38 am
protections over it and that is the process the attorney general is going through. we have a special difficulty here because in that is transmitted to congress as published to the american people we have been left with a huge perplexing issue that is that the special counsel apparently declined to make a prosecutorial determination about the president's behavior and the attorney general stepped into the breach. that is a natural issue of overriding public importance to understand it, whether or not there's information that has first to be rejected is what bar is now thinking about but we have the possibility of a protracted legal battle getting in the way of what is otherwise this really important issue of public concern knowing just what occurred that is different from
12:39 am
the situation judge star had. >> the law changed, democrats don't like it. republicans don't because they voted 20-0 to releases much as they could of the report, they've got to change the law. that's what congress does. thank you for joining us. donald trump doubles down on his threat to close the southern border democrats say there is no emergency. we will look at some hard numbers. >> how many folks are coming across. this is a crisis. >> even their minute for the border patrol chief mark morgan join us next.
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>> shannon: as president trump threatens to close down the southern border, the shannon: as donald trump threatens to close the southern border the former homeland security secretary under president obama is acknowledging that there is a real crisis happening right now and the current homeland security
12:44 am
secretary to ensure a trip to handle the situation. let's bring in ethan bearman and former border patrol chief under president obama mark morgan, good to have you both. so the dhs secretary said it home as we hear new numbers from according to dhs data the number of family units arriving at the border has increased 338% since the previous fiscal year. the washington examiner, byron york rights customs and border patrol apprehended more than 100,000 people in march, pace that could see more than 1 million apprehensions this year. is that a crisis? >> it is a humanitarian crisis. we have families fleeing the violence of the cartels in central america because of our failed drug war that funds them because of our appetite for drugs, because we don't have
12:45 am
functioning work visa programs, cartels make money off of them that way as well and back in their home countries the cartels threaten their children and if somebody is threatening my children's lives i'm going to find a way out as well. we need to be doing more in central america to stabilize and fixing our problems here that are funding those cartels. >> there is always an argument about the magnets that are bringing people here, whether it is looking for an escape from violence and we do have an asylum program that is handles and people are given an opportunity but there are also all these magnets as far as people willing to hire them illegally here and other enticements that bring them to the southern border. >> absolutely right. all to respect your guest i have to respect, completely disagree why they are coming here. intelligence information and statistics show, and the majority of these, economic equality and family
12:46 am
reunification, they are not persecution or violence and the stats show that, the amount of asylum claims, actions found to be not valid. incentives to come here are overwhelming and they take this dangerous trek because they know set 1 foot on american soil you are allowed in the united states and remain here unchecked. shannon: we reached the situation that is a breaking do, the traffic is not as it used to be, single male individuals showing up, people are coming as families in presenting themselves to border patrol, not trying to sneak and they know cvp is saying we have nothing to do but release them before they go through ice. >> that's because they are not coming here for the economic reason. mark said something that i don't appreciate, why are asylum applications being denied?
12:47 am
attorney general jeff sessions changed the rule to denied due process to these people under international refugee law and is not allowing them -- >> reporter: the amount of time they have to get proper representation. >> absolutely live. >> my final word to you. he changed the rule and you know it. >> absolutely wrong. back to the way it was. >> to your claims. i was just saying i will give you a chance to wrap it up. >> they are coming here for family reunification economic equality and that is it and under asylum laws those were not valid claims under asylum laws being denied. it is a crisis and let me say one last thing. it's not just a humanitarian crisis but a threat crisis, the cartels are exploiting this,
12:48 am
more drugs, happening along the southwest border. >> we can agree congress has got work to do. more coming up. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't understanding tax code... it's understanding why that... will get him a body like that... move! ...that. your job isn't doing hard work... here.'s making her do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. (danny) jody...'s time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you.
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- [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at >> the state of new york cutting back state funding for the special olympics topping the real news roundup.
12:52 am
after the trump administration got major back lash for preliminary plans for funding for the special olympics governor cuomo and new york state legislators approved the budget, $50,000 in state aid. the organization the champion special needs. another uproar on twitter, suspending the twitter account for unplanned during its opening we can. twitter unsuspended the account saying it does not appear to be in violation of the twitter rules. earning more than $6 million. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez arguing from raising the minimum wage based on the cost of airport croissantss which are going for $7 apiece and some people think getting a whole hour of dedicated human labor for $15 is too expensive. he failed to mention minimum wage at laguardia is set to rise to $19, one of the highest in the country.
12:53 am
buffalo, new york joining san antonio is the second city to block chick-fil-a from building a restaurant over the company's policies. and isis rider begging to come back home to america. benjamin hall tracked her down at a refugee camp in northern syria. >> thousands of isis families fled into the syrian desert trying to escape. among them the woman born in america who joined isis and now regrets it. >> i want to be safe. >> the us says she is not and has never been a us citizen because her father was a yemeni diplomat at the time of her birth. she lives in hoover, alabama and claims she was radicalized online.
12:54 am
in 2014, committing horrible atrocities, 19-year-old left the us to join them. >> why? >> you've got to do better than that. you've got to explain why you made this decision. >> reporter: he couldn't accept no comment. always felt (denial she hated america. >> i didn't hate america. when i started i was scared of the conduct. >> he married three isis fighters and a child and became a mouthpiece for the terror group. go on drive-bys and spill all the blood or rent a big truck and drive all over them killing them. he claimed isis took over her twitter account and is now with therapy could become a model citizen.
12:55 am
>> i will not be here, i could become serious. >> she denies she only left the caliphate because it fell but her tweet on the timelines just otherwise. in the eyes of the state department she is nothing more than a terrorist. shannon: a fox news alert, a vigil for slain rapper mitzi hustled turning violent today. lapd shipping a statement saying men and women are on scene and making every effort to protect everyone in attendance. shots fired at the vigil do not appear to be accurate but we have injured in the chaos and are attempting to restore order from the lapd. we will keep an eye on that situation. we will be right back. e there.
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told you about the vigil for t shannon: looking live at los angeles at the vigil from its the hustle. there been reports of violence. lapd is trying to get things under control. we are keeping you updated on that story. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. rob: tuesday, april 2nd, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, the border battle, surge of law enforcement descending on the southern border to control the surge of migrant. jillian: mexico warns the caravans could to swell to 20,000. live with how the white house is controlling the process and downtown horror. rob: an inflatable filled with kids, 100 feet in the air.


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